I have over 28 years experience as a restorer of Fine Celestial, Terrestrial Globes and Antique metal work.  My studio workshop in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales offers the highest standard of sympathetic restoration.


Applying expert knowledge of the materials associated with the production of historic globes, including, Adams, Bardin, J and W Cary, Newton and Malby, I apply the highest standards of craftsmanship and aesthetic understanding to all of my practice.


I have a BA Honours degree in Fine Art, I have extensive knowledge of the Fine Art and the Antique world.


Following a period of exhibiting as a practicing painter I decided to pursue a career in Antique Restoration. I accepted an apprenticeship in a leading restoration company in Clerkenwell London in 1988.


During my apprenticeship I learnt the craftmanship of Fine Art restoration working with highly skilled experienced restorers and traditional craftspeople.


During the early part of this apprenticeship I developed an interest in the fascinating combination of Art and science encompassed in an Antique Globe. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to visit the warehouse of the National Maritime Museum and view the extensive and beautiful collection of un-displayed Antique Globes.


Alongside developing and learning the varied skills needed to restore Antique Globes I have continued to research the history of makers and techniques of production of Globes. I have a breadth of knowledge of the history, construction and function of scientific instruments.


In 1993 I formed a partnership with two other highly skilled restorers, specialising in restoration of Clocks, automaton ormolu and Antique Globes.


Working within the restoration field I made many professional acquaintances, who are masters of their craft, whom I still use for their skills in cabinet making, engraving and metal work.


In 2004 I relocated to Wales and have continued to practice as a Globe Restorer, with a custom built secure workshop in my personal residence.


I have worked on a number of rare examples, historically significant and beautiful Globes, with clients all around the world. Please see the service page for more information.



To stabilize and protect your Globe and stand in order to maintain longevity and value.  


To use original materials and reversible treatments.  


To improve appearance and legibility by removing brittle discoloured occluded varnish.  


Appropriate cleaning solutions employed after thorough investigative testing.  


Fully protect cleaned surface maps using sizes and non yellowing reversible varnishes.  


Missing elements reinstated using sourced original materials.